Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chattanooga Zoo Visits

We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Sharon come back and visit with us again. She is wonderful and teachs us so much about animals at the zoo. This time she brought Fifi, the chicken; Chilly, the chin chilla; and Draco, the lizard. Mrs. Sharon taught about mammals, birds and reptiles as well as nocturnal animals. We all thought it was funny how Draco didn't want to move but Mrs. Sharon had him "skating" on the floor. Chilly was wild and ran around like a mouse scurries. Fifi flew and pecked at the ground. We were able to pet all the animals though some of us were a little nervous about doing so. We look forward to her coming back again soon to visit us. But in the meantime you can visit all the cool animals at the Chattanooga Zoo.