Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Snowman

We live in an area that sees snow some of the time. But not usually enough for the children to make snowmen, have snowball fights and such. So to demonstrate how a snowman melts we did an experiment in class today. It involved using 3 balloons which were filled with water (all different sizes) and then placed in the freezer. Once the balloons were frozen (overnight) we cut the balloon off using a knife (adults only). Then we placed the largest ball of ice in the bottom of the pot. Adding a little rock salt to the top of the largest ball we then added the middle size ball. Again adding some more rock salt to the top of the middle size ball. Finally we added the smallest ball. It took a few tries to get the balls to stay on top of each other but finally they did. The children were able to see that the balls were solid ice and very cold. As the day progressed we watched our snowman melt away. He toppled over while we were at lunch so we had to add some more rock salt to attach him. We even had to empty the pot as he had melted so much to fill the pot half full. The children enjoyed watching our snowman melt away. They are anxious to see what he will look like when we come in tomorrow morning.