Monday, February 2, 2009

Mr. Bojangles the Ferrett

Mr. Bojangles "Bo" came to visit our class. He is the family pet of Mrs. Kym Jones. She was nice enough to bring him to our class for a visit as well as to tell us some fun facts about ferretts. Bo likes to play with shoes, he sleeps 14 - 15 hours a day in his cage on his sleeping hammock, he eats ferrett food or kitten food. While here in our classroom Bo was on a leash so he wouldn't jump on everything and run away. The children all had a chance to pet him if they wanted. Most of the children liked the feel of his soft white fur. We completed KWL as a classroom (what we knew about ferretts, what we wanted to learn about ferretts and what we learned about them). The children also to a survey to see who would like to have a ferrett as a pet 10 children said they would like one while 9 said no (that total also included Mrs. Eileen, Mrs. Jaclyn and Ms. Betty who all said NO!!).