Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dying Easter Eggs

We had fun dying Easter eggs. We decided that most of us liked the blue color dye over the other colors. Some of us liked the neon green and neon orange. The pink didn't color well so we tried to make purple by placing them in the blue color dye after the pink.

Our finished Easter eggs.

Easter egg in the dye.

Placing the egg in a cup of dye.

Using the green dye to color his egg.

Neon green is a cool color.
Which pink should I use?

Getting a little help from Mr. Charlie.

Ready to place her egg in the blue dye.

Checking to see if the eggs have changed color.

Can I use this pink instead?

Nice and easy.

Putting the egg on the egg holder.

This is fun!

In it goes!

Deciding what color to choose.