Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Future Architects of America

We have been reviewing all the shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, octagon, heart, star, trapezoid, oval) the past two weeks of school. This week we are focusing on circle. But as my students informed me you can't build a castle with circles, but you can with other shapes. So we created our own original castles, railroad tracks, pastures, houses, race track, and more using all the shapes we could find in our blocks.

Working on a railroad track going over the mountain.

Team work to make this castle.

The leaning tower of Tennessee.

Super proud of this Arc De Dunlap.

Small tower for small children.

Earthquake hit this tower and sent it tumbling.

This is my tower.

Working together to build the city.

Making a race track.

So do you like my house?

See this is my dream castle.

We finished our castle.

His pasture for the horses or cows? Or maybe just a field to relax in.

Castle in the sun.