Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Learning in our Classroom

Sometimes it looks like all we are doing in preschool is playing. However, we are really learning. While we play in the kitchen center we are working on classification of items, such as vegetables, fruits, kitchen wares. We are improving our expressive language skills by placing orders of what food we want to eat and calming our crying baby dolls. We are improving our writing skills my writing shopping lists for what we need at the grocery store.
While in the trucks and block centers we are learning about color recognition by seeing which of our friends has what color car. We are learning about shapes as we build towers with the blocks for our cars to drive around.
While in the music center we are learning about keeping the beat, harmony, and interacting with our peers.
While in legos we are learning to share, take turns as well as color recognition.

Learning with the legos.

Reading stories with Ms. Betty

Trains are a fun way to talk about transportation.

Dress up is a fun way to learn. We can be carpenters, doctors, super heroes, princesses, Mommy & Daddy.