Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grandparents Day in Preschool

We had a great time celebrating Grandparent's Day with our Grandparents. There were many grandparents who came to play, read and enjoy our day. After having fun playing in the multipurpose room we enjoyed lunch in the cafeteria, since our picnic was rained out.

Enjoying our lunch!

Playing with cars.

Riding tricycles in the multipurpose room was so much fun.

Glad to have his Nana there to spend the morning with him.

She was so happy to see her Tom Daddy.

Coloring a pretty picture for her Pops.

Yeah Nana came!

Hula hooping is so much fun.

Building tall skyscrapers.

Dinosaurs fun

So glad to have his Nannie and Papa there.

Nana Mac came to spend the day.

Wow so much fun to be had with the Grandparents.

Who does Pops have?

hula hooping fun