Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fire Prevention Week

The Dunlap Fire Department came to visit us today. Fire fighter Mark Fife explained to the children about the Stop, Drop and Roll; smoke dectectors, and explained to them that firefighters are their friends and they are there to help you. Some of our children were scared of the uniform that the firefighters wear, so Firefighter Michael waited to put on his uniform so the children could see that even though he was wearing all the protective gear it was still the same person underneath. This helped with most of the children. The children were excited to learn that the were going to be able to squirt the fire hose and even tried to squirt their teacher.

Firefighter Mark Fife talking to the children about fire safety.

Demonstrating Stop, Drop and Roll.

Showing the children the jacket they need to wear during fires.

Getting to feel how cold the air tank was.

See firefighter Michael in his uniform.

Standing in front of the fire truck.