Friday, October 30, 2009

Making Mud pies

Mrs. Charlotte's class came to listen to a story "Mud pie for Mother". Then we made mud pies. The children were not interested in making mud pies with real dirt so we made them with chocolate pudding and cool whip. They were super yummy because all the children ate them up. We had to make 5 pies to feed all the children and staff.

Measuring how much milk is needed to make the mud pie.

Stirring up the mud (chocolate pudding).

Pouring the milk into the measuring cup.

Mrs. Charlotte's students helped the preschoolers pour the milk.

More stirring is needed to make all the mud pies.

Not sure if she likes the thought of this mud pie.

Thanks for holding the bowl so I can stir it really fast!!!

One mud pie done only 4 more to make for all of us.

This mud pie is delicious.