Monday, November 2, 2009

Batman arrives at School

Mr. George Shinn, park ranger at Savage Gulf came and spoke to the children in preschool and kindergarten about bats. He explained to the children that bats are mammals, who have hand wings "chiropetra", give birth to one baby a year, were nocturnal, and hang upside down to sleep. Mr. George also told us that lipstick is made out of guano, which is better known as bat poo. All the children thought this fact was silly and made them laugh. Mr. George showed the children a very interesting and rare bat...the bear bat. The bear bat is a stuffed bear dressed in a batman costume. But how he showed the children made them laugh and wonder if the bat would fly around the room. All the students and teachers would like to thank Mr. George for coming in to teach us about bats.

Showing the rare "bear bat".

Taking out the "bear bat"

showing the children how to fly like a bat.

showing how bats have skin between their fingers.

talking to our class along with the other preschool classes.